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Yordano Ventura ejected after brawl with Manny Machado

The young right-hander continues to have composure issues.

In an already disappointing start to the season, Yordano Ventura compounded things with a very, very bad night in more ways than one. On the mound, Ventura was abysmal, giving up four first inning runs, and six overall in less than five innings of work, raising his ERA to 5.32 for the year.

The performance might get Ventura yanked from the rotation, but a looming suspension may take care of that for the Royals. Ventura, already known for being a hot-head for his incidents last year with Mike Trout, Adam Eaton, Brett Lawrie, and tweeting Jose Bautista, got into it once again with the opposition. This time it was Orioles All-Star infielder Manny Machado.

Ventura apparently did not like Machado yelling at him in the third inning.

When Machado came up in the fifth, Yordano gave him a fastball in the back, prompting Machado to charge the mound.

The reactions came out against both, but mostly against Ventura.

And you-know-who had to chime in.

And of course...

Are the Royals fed up with his shenanigans?

What are the Royals going to do about Yordano Ventura?