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Royals vs. Orioles, Game 59 Game Thread

The Royals really have to go out there and play another game.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Somewhat obscured by the fight last night is that the Royals have been losing games all over the place. Against Cleveland and Baltimore, the Royals' offense disappeared, and the starting pitching fell apart. There have been so many non-Royal dingers during this abysmal losing streak. The Royals have responded by scoring a total of four runs in their last five games.

With Ventura's poor performance and brawl, he'll be out of the rotation for some period of time. Someone has to step in. Who knows who it will be, and if there's anything to be gained.

Tonight, it's Edinson Volquez vs. Chris Tillman. Tillman's got a nice ERA at 3.33, but his peripherals suggest something almost a full run higher as more appropriate. Volquez's ERA and peripherals are teetering around average.


So, like, if that's the Oriole they're going to put in their lineup photo, they shouldn't be surprised when fights break out. That Oriole looks ready to smack someone.

Don't get swept.