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Royals Rumblings - News for June 9, 2016

Right this ship, Ned.

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Royals Rumblings - News for June 9, 2016

The Royals are supporting their controversial teammate, Yordano Ventura.

"Everybody wants to jump on Ventura’s maturity," Yost said. "But they look at the incident, where [Machado] got hit. They didn’t see the at-bat before, when Manny was screaming at him, ‘Don’t throw inside to me, don’t throw inside.’

"And then what did Ventura do? Did he turn around and say anything? He didn’t look at him. Obviously, when you’ve got one of the best hitters in the American League who doesn’t like being pitched inside, then don’t you just normally think: ‘I’m gonna go back in there, start him off in there.’ " "He gets thrown into the spotlight that he’s guilty. There’s more to this thing."

A Royals source denies reports the Royals have shopped Yordano Ventura, according to Jeffrey Flanagan

A source close to the situation called a Yahoo! Sports report that the Royals had offered up right-hander Yordano Ventura in trade talks within the past month "complete and utter nonsense."....

Royals general manager Dayton Moore would not discuss any potential trade talks. "It's highly inappropriate and reckless to discuss any specific trade talks about players with the media," Moore told by phone. "Any discussions along those lines will remain with our baseball operations people. I will not discuss it."

Ken Rosenthal notices that Yordano Ventura is a different pitcher on the mound.

Watching Ventura in the early innings Tuesday night -- he was down 4-0 after 12 pitches -- I thought, "What the heck is going on?" Ventura was finishing pitches by kicking his leg high in an exaggerated flourish. I had not seen him recently, did not know whether it was a new habit of his. But I was told later, the Royals do not want him to finish that way, and he does not finish that way when working on the side. Again: At times, on the mound, he just becomes a different guy.

David Lesky at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City thinks something needs to be done with Yordano Ventura.

After the incident last night, I can’t see a way that Ventura should be in the big leagues anymore, though. And maybe not for the rest of the season. Look, it’s not like we’re sitting here in early June and he has a 2.57 ERA with the extracurricular activities of last night. He has a 5.32 ERA. He walks too many batters. He doesn’t strike out enough. He gives up too many hits. At this particular moment, Ventura is a bad pitcher with a bad temper who makes bad decisions.

Where does Yordano Ventura rank on the list of most unliked players in baseball?

An update on some injured Royals:

Wimington infielder Humberto Arteaga is named a Carolina League All-Star. Lexington catcher Chase Vallot and pitcher Emilio Ogando are named to the South Atlantic League All-Star Game.

Lost in Tuesday's brawl was an amazing catch by Lorenzo Cain, which numberfire breaks down.

Retired writer Rany Jazayerli writes about the greatness of the Cubs.

He also talks Royals on the Ringer podcast at the 27 minute mark.

Tom Tango is the new data guru for MLB.

Two draft prospects fail drug tests days before the draft.

A high school player fouls one off the schmeck, then dabs it off.

Bill Simmons talks about his exit from ESPN and what's next for him.

Why are people using parenthesis in their Twitter handle?

The rise of self-publishing has caused a rise in plagiarism.

Which Netflix shows are the most binge-watched?

Your song of the day is The Olympics with "I'll Do a Little Bit More."