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Yordano Ventura receives nine-game suspension from MLB

Manny Machado receives just a four-game suspension.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Baseball has suspended Yordano Ventura nine games for his role in Tuesday's bench-clearing brawl with the Baltimore Orioles, alleging he intentionally threw at Manny Machado. Ventura hit Orioles shortstop Manny Machado in the fifth inning after Machado had jawed with Ventura in previous innings. Ventura will appeal the decision. A suspended player cannot be replaced on the active roster.

Ventura was suspended seven games last year for his role in starting a bench-clearing brawl with the Chicago White Sox last April. He dropped the appeal for the suspension at a fortuitous time on the schedule when the Royals could afford to carry just 24 players on the roster. He was not suspended, but was fined for hitting Brett Lawrie last April.

Manny Machado was suspended four games and fined $2,500 for charging the mound at Ventura after being hit.  He is expected to appeal. He was suspended five games in 2014 for throwing a bat at A's pitcher Fernando Abad.