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Royals Rumblings - News for July 15, 2016

Let's play some ball.

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Royals Rumblings - News for July 15, 2016

Did the Royals give up Cody Reed due to money?

Last year, the Royals probably could have kept John Lamb or Cody Reed out of the deal with the Reds if they would’ve paid the approximately $4 million owed to Cueto the rest of the year. If they did that, they would have one more attractive prospect for a trade offer this year.

Or — and it should be noted that both Lamb and Reed have struggled in the big leagues so far — the Royals would have one more young pitcher for themselves this season. This year, the Royals’ competition in the trade market would likely include richer teams willing to take on money.

David Lesky at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City sees something fishy with this year' s home run numbers.

You see that average isn’t significantly up, but the power numbers definitely are, which are leading to runs per game numbers being way up as well. It’s worth noting that there have been about 1,500 more plate appearances in 2016 than there were in the first half of 2015. Still, plate appearances are up just 1.5 percent from last year and home runs are up 22.3 percent. That is a massive difference. And, with the rise of strikeouts, there’s actually only been 352 more balls put in play in the first half this year compared to last year.

Call it a conspiracy theory or just a theory, but after Rob Manfred openly discussed ways to boost offense during the 2014/2015 off-season and then offense suddenly burst back onto the scene, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that the game has been somewhat artificially changed. I don’t know how exactly, but my theory here is that something has drastically changed. It wouldn’t be that far fetched to think that maybe baseballs are wound more tightly, thus giving them some extra distance on fly balls. I know he denied it yesterday, but what’s he supposed to say?

Rustin Dodd answers whether Hunter Dozier can transition to the outfield.

Dozier is still relatively new to the position. He’s only made 10 starts there. It’s hard to know how he could project in the long run. He played shortstop in college and is viewed as physical player with solid athleticism. He likes playing the position. He is also close to 6 feet 4 and 220 pounds and would lack the high-end range that the Royals covet while playing at Kauffman Stadium.

Lee Judge says Eric Hosmer is the face of the franchise.

Raul Mondesi (ranked #42) is the only Royals prospect on Keith Law's top 50 midseason prospect list.

ESPN ranks George Brett as the second-best third baseman of all-time.

Ned Yost talks about how one relationship got his managerial career started.

Yankees ownership disagrees with management on whether to be buyers or sellers.

J.A. Happ doesn't understand milk bags in Canada.

The Tigers suspend, then demote outfielder Anthony Gose after disagreements with management.

The Minnesota Twins are having trouble drafting and developing starting pitching.

How has baseball been influenced by Statcast?

Darryl Strawberry did scoring on and off-the field during games.

Mizzou's Athletic Director bolts for Baylor.

Ranking college football neutral game sites for 2016 by oddity.

ABC re-launches a free streaming service with some of a catalog of some of its older shows.

Ninetendo will release a mini-NES with 30 built-in games.

Here are your 2016 Emmy nominations.

Your song of the day is Beastie Boys with "Finger Lickin' Good." (NSFW language)