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Weekend Rumblings - News for July 16, 2016

Does this mean 15 of the next 19 or does 15 of 20 start tonight?

Kansas City Royal v Detroit Tigers Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for July 16, 2016

(Ed. note: Be kind as this is my first article as a Kevin. Not only that but I’m trying to use the new content management system and it’s different than the old one which the Kevin guide was written for. Also, there’s a part of me that kindof hopes I copied one of the links already posted in Rumblings this week but I don’t think I did.)

In case you’ve forgotten: the Royal won the World Series last year. So they get to visit the President next Thursday:

The visit will come on an off-day amid a nine-game homestand. The Royals have a day game next Wednesday against the Indians and perhaps will leave for Washington that evening.

It’s about time for some reinforcements. Wade Davis could be activated today and Lorenzo Cain is “about 85 percent”:

Cain’s rehab has progressed to light running, and he appears close to 100 percent in batting practice. But he expressed the desire to exercise caution in his return, saying the hamstring was not where he wanted it to be.

RR: You’re one stop shop for Pokemon Go news! So because you haven’t hear enough about Pokemon Go, apparently the Royals and Sporting are promoting playing Pokemon Go during home games. An award winning newspaper also contains the following paragraph:

Cook said people there gems [sic] near the Truman Sports Complex, but bigger prizes will await inside Kauffman Stadium when the next homestand begins. There will be six PokeStops and an Arena inside the stadium. Just be careful of foul balls if you’re playing the game during the game (if that makes sense).

The Royals signed all of their Top 10 picks this year. The name tool of their 10th round pick is one of the tops in the league.

While the Drew Pomeranz trade looks like an overpay, Dave Dombrowski has been good at trading prospects.

Speaking of Anderson Espinoza: What’s the recent history of the 5th best pitching prospect in the majors? YOU WON’T BELIEVE 2014! Ok- this isn’t BR: The answer is Yordano Ventura.

I think we all knew the Rio Olympics weren’t going so well. Want a timeline?

This link probably won’t be the best one by the time this Rumblings posts (spoiler: Rumblings was written Friday night), but huge news out of Turkey as the secular military has attempted a coup against the increasingly conservative Erdogan. As of about midnight Friday, it looks like it probably failed.

Is there some reason France has been attacked repeatedly by terrorists?

Trump-Pence logo looks sexual to some people and reminds others to wipe. Frankly, I think it belongs to a nondescript construction company.

Speaking of Trump, Esquire’s not a fan.

But at least it’s brought Jon Stewart back to late night for a couple of weeks.

Been wanting to visit some National Parks in the Western US? Might want to get on that since the GOP platform isn’t all that kind to them.

Meanwhile the Democratic platform calls for a $15 an hour minimum wage indexed to inflation, legalized pot, and a carbon tax.

But, of course, what we all came here for was more Pokemon Go videos.

Finally, I think Max tends to post something that betters us all as human beings on the weekend rumblings. As I am neither cultured nor civilized, you get instrumental video game music instead. Below is the intro to Kingdom Hearts II with Dearly Beloved by Yoko Shimomura fading into the instrumental of Sanctuary/Passion by Utada Hikaru. (Note to Squeenix: you can begin the real development of KH3 any time now as it’s been a decade since KH2.)