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Royals V. Phillies: Game LXXX Thread

Wherefore art thou, Duff?

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday's loss could be today's victory, in the sense that the two are not particularly connected at all, but series and sequence would lead us to believe such things are possible.

Anyway, Danny Duffy starts today. Which, if you are keeping score at home, is great, because he is the Royals best starter this season. His 3.24 ERA easily drumpfs any other starting pitcher on staff, even if you adjust for his time spent as a reliever.

Philadelphia counters with Aaron Nola, who is actually kind of pretty good probably? His 4.45 ERA gets him a bad rep, as his 3.16 FIP this season will attest to. He's young enough to still be prospect-y, and could easily start having more success where his peripherals are concerned that would bring his metrics more in-line with one another.

On a personal note, what's the deal with a 4:50 CST start time? I feel like I'm commencing preparations for FOOTBAAALLL with this start time.

That's actually just a flimsy pretense so I can finally use this Daria clip: