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Indians crush Royals in laughable 11-4 loss

It was not as close as the final score suggested.

The Kansas City Royals lost to the Cleveland Indians 11-4. En route to the final tally, the Royals allowed five home runs, walked seven batters, and hit an additional two with a pitch. Ian Kennedy was beyond terrible, and the Royals only managed four baserunners against Carlos Carrasco before grabbing some meaningless runs in the eighth inning against a lax bullpen.

With a heat index exceeding 100 degrees, the Royals fans and players melted at the end of two losing series following the All-Star break.

Rather than writing about the gruelling specifics of how the Indians destroyed the Royals, I think it's more appropriate, given the Royals starting squad's effort in this game and the All-Star break hangover, to instead categorize each inning in GIF form.

Inning One


Inning Two


Inning Three


Inning Four


Inning Five


Inning Six


Inning Seven


Inning Eight


Inning Nine


(side note: I am unaware of the creator of the #Be500KC thing, and I will credit whoever it is as soon as I find out)