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Royals Rumblings - News for July 22, 2016

Royals in the White House

President Obama Hosts The World Series Champions Kansas City Royals At The White House Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

As you might have heard, the World Champion Kansas City Royals were honored at the White House yesterday, meeting President Barack Obama.

Rustin Dodd reported on the Royals’ visit to the White House:

The audience, which packed into the room and stood on side aisles, offered the soundtrack for the ceremony. The role of narrator belonged to President Obama, who walked out flanked by Royals owner David Glass and team president Dan Glass. In a little under 15 minutes, Obama delivered an address that commemorated the Royals’ championship run, honored the performance of its key players and focused on the connection between a city and sports franchise.

“Let’s give it up for the World Series champions, the Kansas City Royals,” Obama said, moments after stepping behind a microphone. “I know many of you had been waiting a long time to hear this, so I’ll say it again — the World Series champion Kansas City Royals.”

White House Press Secretary had a nice day with his favorite team at the White House yesterday, as Jeffrey Flanagan reports:

The jersey was just one of several special moments on the day for Earnest, a Kansas City native and an unabashed huge Royals fan. Earnest also got to enjoy the ceremony in the East Room when President Barack Obama honored the Royals for their 2015 championship season.

"This came along at the right time for everyone," Earnest said in reference to some of the troubling issues domestically and abroad. "It's a nice break for everyone."

David Lesky suggests that it’s time for the Royals to reward Danny Duffy:

If you’re not into the incentives thing, the Indians might have put the framework out there for a deal with what they gave Carlos Carrasco following his breakout 2014 season. It was earlier in the arbitration cycle than Duffy is right now, but he started the season in the bullpen that year before heading to the rotation and looking like a top of the rotation starter. He was given $6.5 million for what would have been his final year of arbitration, $8 million for his first free agent year and a $9 million club option for the year after that. That jives pretty well with the deal above for Duffy, but without the innings incentives. His incentives are based on finishes in the Cy Young vote, so I’m still feeling pretty comfortable with what I’ve put above.

The Royals actually do the starter/reliever incentives quite a bit, though it’s usually with pitchers who don’t have much of a shot to pitch out of either spot. Interestingly enough, Joakim Soria and Luke Hochevar both have incentives for either role. The difference is that Duffy could actually thrive as starter or reliever, while the only start I could see either Soria or Hochevar getting is if it’s a bullpen game and they’re only scheduled for two innings. But I digress.

Jesse Newell at the Star notes that the Royals are special:

Many people consider 1969 the beginning of the “modern era” of baseball; MLB expanded (which included the Royals), reduced the strike zone and also implemented division play.

In the 48 seasons since then, no team — nonehas a lower walk percentage than this year’s Kansas City Royals. The 2002 Detroit Tigers, who went 55-106, rank second-worst on the list at 6.1 percent.

Another way to look at it: The Royals rank 1,318 out of 1,318 in walk rate since 1969.

Bo Jackson and John Smoltz reminisce about meeting up in the 1989 All-Star Game (with video).

David Lengel of The Guardian calls for harsh penalties to be handed down by Major League Baseball to the Cardinals after their scouting director got handed a 46-month prison sentence.

Dave Cameron tries to assess Kyle Schwarber’s value on the trade market this season.

CC Sabathia has certainly had better days on the mound.

Oft-injured Orioles prospect Hunter Harvey will undergo Tommy John surgery.

The NBA will no longer be holding the 2017 All-Star Game in Charlotte in response to North Carolina’s anti-LGBTQ law.

BP’s Matthew Trueblood posits that the Yankees should sell everything.

It sure looks like Chris Sale isn’t going anywhere.

However, it looks like the White Sox will be sellers as the deadline approaches.

Fans of The Tick can get a look at the newest incarnation of the beloved character for Amazon’s upcoming pilot season next month.

Kristen Bell says there is a possibility of a Veronica Mars miniseries.

Luke Cage looks pretty awesome.

Roger Ailes resigned at Fox News amid sexual harrassment charges levied against him by 20 women.

Third Eye Blind are in the news?