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Sporcle Friday: The last trade with each team

Who was the last Major League player the Royals acquired from each club?

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

The trade deadline is fast approaching, so let's take a look back at some old trades in Royals history. The Royals have made trades with all 29 other clubs, but some have been more recent than others. Some players were big impact players that helped the Royals win a championship. Others were just scrubs that helped the Royals lose 100 games.

What I am looking for is the last player the Royals acquired (not traded away) from each club. It must be a Major League player, not a player that would be immediately assigned to the minor leagues. I am not including trades for "cash considerations." Only one Major League player was acquired in each trade, except the Tampa Bay Rays, who sent the Royals two Major League players. The date listed is the date of the trade.

Who was the last player acquired in a trade from each club?