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Moreland walks off as the Royals season screeches to a halt

Ian Kennedy pitched very well. The offense did nothing. So it goes.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

There's something admirable about good performances amid mediocre seasons. Even if the player in question has been an agent of that mediocrity, it's good to see that at some point there was reason to believe things would turn out differently than they have.

Ian Kennedy had a night like that. Scattering six hits across seven innings, Kennedy showed what the front office believed they were getting, if only temporarily, last winter. He yielded zero walks and struck out six, giving up a single run in the third.

Elvis Andrus tripled to lead off the inning. In a phrase that will be said hundreds of times in the future, Joey Gallo followed with a strikeout. Bobby Wilson singled to bring him in, bringing the score level at 1-1.

The Royals scored in the first inning. Alcides Escobar reached on an infield single. Cheslor Cuthbert, whose wRC+ rests at a comfortable 106, followed with a single of his own. After a Lorenzo Cain fielder's choice, Eric Hosmer grounded out to drive in Escobar.

After that, it was eight innings of silence for the offense. Raul Mondesi gathered two more hits. Cuthbert added a walk in the third and another single in the sixth. A walk by Hosmer and another by Gordon and you have the sum total of the Royals offense tonight.

The human white flag that is Brooks Pounders entered the game in the bottom of the ninth. With their hands raised, Kansas City said in a demured tone, "We capitulate." Texas, for their part, said, "Okay." Mitch Moreland walked off on a home run, sealing the game for the Texas Rangers and the season for the Royals.

Dillon Gee (3-4, 4.54 ERA) twirls tomorrow against Lucas Harrell (2-2, 3.38). May the Baseball Gods have mercy on us.