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Independence Day Rumblings - News for July 4, 2016

America, you don't look a day over 200!

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Independence Day Rumblings - News for July 4, 2016

Ned Yost deflects criticism about the performance about the starting rotation.

"I look at Ventura and I look at Chris Young and I do expect those guys to get better in the second half," Yost said this weekend. "I think Ventura is making really good strides with his mechanics and staying within himself. I look for that to be more consistent in the second half and once (Young) gets into sync with his mechanics, I look for him to better."

Yordano Ventura seems to be doing okay after leaving Sunday's game with an ankle injury.

"They taped him up and he thought he could give it a shot," Yost said. "The first hitter, it was OK. But then it got progressively worst. "When he got to 3-2 on the last hitter, I knew I would go get him because he was starting to limp pretty badly." Ventura didn't seem overly concerned about the injury after the game.

"It feels better right now than it did when they took me out of the ballgame," Ventura said through interpreter Pedro Grifol. "It's still a little swollen, but the swelling is getting a little better. I'm going to continue to work to see if I can get better. "Right now, it's too early to tell about the next start. I'm going to have to wait a couple days to see how it feels."

Danny Duffy talks about his near-complete game.

"Obviously, it's cool to finish a game because those guys in the bullpen have picked me up so many times when I've been inefficient," Duffy said. "So if I got the opportunity to, might as well try to save another day.

"So that was kind of my mindset. A complete game would be cool, but those guys have been taxed by me a lot in my career. So my best way to pay them back is trying to keep them from pitching."

Clark Fosler at Baseball Prospectus ponders how the Royals may play the trade deadline.

I wonder if the recent performances of ‘so-so’ prospects like Whit Merrifield, Brett Eibner and Cheslor Cuthbert has had any effect on other organizations’ perception of the talent level of the Kansas City farm system? If so, has it changed it enough for Dayton Moore to pursue some of the more coveted potential trade targets without having to dangle Raul Mondesi?

Unlike many, I don’t agonize over moving prospects, but Mondesi is the one that even I would hesitate to offer. With the Royals six over and currently holding one post-season slot (as silly as that sounds on July 2nd), I care much less about potential for 2018 and more about contention in 2016. I am not haunted by the Reds having all three players involved in the Cueto trade in their starting rotation, nor do I agonize over Sean Manaea pitching for Oakland while Ben Zobrist is hitting for the Cubs. Even with that mindset, trading Mondesi seems like a non-starter to me.

Lee Judge explains Danny Duffy's performance on Saturday.

Bubba did well upon his promotion to Omaha.

Salvy faces off against the Philly Phanatic.

Byron Parman at Kings of Kauffman points out that July is a pivotal month for the Royals.

The Braves and Marlins played a game on Fort Bragg.

A preview of what each team will do at the trade deadline.

It is time for the sabermetric revolution to be televised.

An ode to the intentional walk.

Gersh Kuntzman at the NY Daily News writes it is time to retire "God Bless America" at ballgames because it offends everyone.

Another scorching hot take - Kris Bryant is overrated.

American Sam Querrey upsets Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon.

The Celtics land big man Al Horford in free agency.

RIP Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel.

Competitive hot dog eaters have made America great again.

If the District of Columbia becomes a state, what should be its name?

Your song of the day is Elliott Smith with "Independence Day."