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Game 85 Open Thread: Mariners at Royals

Kauffman Stadium, FINALLY.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Royals have been kinda like that rich friend homebody who you knew at college, who was insanely talented and attractive. That individual had all kinds of success the past few years in high school, but was struggling in college after their graduation. That friend felt comfortable at home, and owned it. Away, they were a wreck.

Kansas City dropped their third game to the (very good) Toronto Blue Jays yesterday, their fourth loss in a row capping off a 3-5 road trip. Recent trends are more appalling, though. The Royals are 5-15 in their last 20 road games and only 5-10 in their last 15 games overall.

However! Kauffman Stadium has been a bastion of hope for the defending champs this year, as they are 27-11 at home. They look to defeat the Seattle Mariners in Round Two of the 2016 Battle for Grass Creek. The Royals went 1-2 against the Mariners in Seattle.

Danny Duffy, the lone star of competence in the Royals rotation, starts tonight:

Meanwhile, Seattle sends James Paxton and this lineup to the field:

Four games left. Winning them would be good.