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Seattle Mariners (44-43) vs. Kansas City Royals (44-42) Game 87 Open Thread

The battle for cromulence.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Wade Miley goes against Edinson Volquez this afternoon in the oddly-timed 3:15 start. Miley is a cromulent lefty that the Royals supposedly had some interest in last winter, and he's the kind that they tend to struggle against. In five career starts, Miley has a 2.91 ERA against the Royals, allowing them to hit just .238/.288/.331 against him.

"Steady Eddie" (are we saying that ironically now?) has rebounded from his disastrous start (you know the one) to go six innings plus in each of his last two starts, although Ned needs to remember to pull him before he blows it. Yost said today that Dillon Gee will start the first half finale tomorrow....unless he pitches today! I think he was just being a smart ass, but who knows, maybe he is really isn't planning on starting anyone tomorrow.

Gordo sits against the lefty Wade Miley, which is probably for the best. Alex has been a disaster this year, and has hit just .173/.259/.308 in his 14 games since returning from the disabled list.