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Royals Rumblings - News for August 1, 2016

Dayton Moore is a trader.

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Royals Rumblings - News for August 1, 2016

The Royals say they are tired.

For the first time this season, the suggestion was voiced in the clubhouse that this group of Royals may have worn down from two straight seasons of World Series runs.

"No, I couldn't have imagined it," manager Ned Yost said. "But I just think the toll has caught up to us.

"Yeah, two deep runs [in the postseason] and the injuries have definitely [taken a toll]. Losing Hoch [Luke Hochevar] was big. Losing Moose [Mike Moustakas] was big. Losing [Lorenzo] Cain for [three weeks], it just takes a toll."

All-Star catcher Salvador Perez agreed.

"I'm not surprised because that's part of the game," Perez said. "What we did the last two years, this is not an excuse, but what we did the last two years, that's big for us, for a lot of people, too, in Kansas City.

Assistant General Manager J.J. Piccolo discusses some Royals prospects with the Star including former top pick Ashe Russell.

THE STAR: Will Russell go to go a short-season affiliate at some point? Is that to be determined?

PICOLLO: "It’s to be determined. We’re doing a lot of drill work. A lot of delivery work with him right now. Really, at this point in time, going into games is not a priority. We’re trying to get some other things ironed out first. Then, when he’s ready to get into games, we’ll get him into games. I know he’s anxious to get into games, but he wants to get this right as well. He’s been committed to the throwing program that’s been laid out for him at this point. He wants to get that right. When he gets that right, we’ll get him into games."

Hunter Samuels at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City looks at the inconsistency of Eric Hosmer.

While Hosmer has struck out less often in the last two months, he’s actually whiffed on more two-strike pitches in that timeframe (37) than he did in the first two months (31).

With how often Hosmer’s been changing up his swing, it seems to me that he just hasn’t been able to gain any kind of consistency with his timing. I am not a hitting coach, but from my vantage point, he looks like a guy trying different things to get back to where he was earlier in the season. He looks uncomfortable, and he hasn’t found his rhythm for quite a while, so he’s tinkering more.

Goodbye Travis Snider.

A Royals fan draws attention with his championship ring hat.

The Indians make a splash by adding Andrew Miller, but have a trade for Jonathan Lucroy vetoed by the catcher.

Billy Butler got mad at the Indians catcher and crushed a pitch.

Michael Young freaks out at his ceremony before the Rangers game.

MLB games are slow again, helping older hitters.

The Rockies actually have some interesting pitchers.

Tom Verducci at Sports Illustrated looks at ways to improve the game.

The Chiefs give left tackle Eric Fisher a four-year contract.

A dude jumped from 25,000 feet in the air without a parachute. And lived!

The curious rise of Scientology in Taiwan.

Budweiser’s marketing ploy to re-brand as "America" has failed.

Pokevision and Pokemon Go trackers are shut down for some reason.

Your song of the day is Gloria Gaynor with "Let's Make a Deal."