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Royals vs. White Sox, Game 113 Game Thread

Woe! Anguish! Gnashing of teeth.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Well, Kelvin Herrera made the game a little sad last night. On the plus side, we could be watching a new elite reliever emerge like a butterfly in Matt Strahm. He had five strikeouts in two innings. Edinson Volquez had two strikeouts in six innings last night. In four innings of work, Strahm has a negative FIP and an xFIP of almost zero. Just know that the small sample size, I don't know, wombat, is looming.

Paulo Orlando got one hit in his five plate appearances at leadoff. He will lead off again tonight. Ian Kennedy is the Royals' starting pitcher. Jose Quintana starts for the White Sox.

Justin Morneau is still playing, too.