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Game CXVII Thread: Royals at Twins

Will the next Royals Rally Insect please stand up?

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals lost their first game last night since Rally Mantis' untimely demise. But they've got a chance to honor the erstwhile mascot's memory this afternoon and pull out a third straight series win against the Minnesota Twins.

The Twins' Hector Santiago will attempt to squash any and all Royal pests. He was acquired at the deadline by the Twins and this will be his third start. So far he's gone 0-2 while allowing 8 earned runs in 10.1 innings. He faced the Royals just a couple of weeks ago and picked up a win while pitching 5.1 innings and allowing 2 runs. He struck out 5, but walked 4. Eric Hosmer will be the Royals' most successful hitter in today's lineup against Santiago, going 6-for-20 with a double and a home run. It might be best that Moose is inactive for this game, he has made outs in all 14 at-bats against Santiago in his career.

Edinson Volquez will toe the rubber for the Royals, perhaps he will display strength to lift the equivalent of fifty times his body weight in order to carry the team to victory. However, Steady Eddie has been anything but, this year. His last start could have gone worse, and he didn't even take the loss against the White Sox. However the start before that against the Rays would easily be his worst of the season if it weren't for the disastrous Houston game. He has made two starts against the Twins so far this year, winning one but allowing 4 earned runs, 6 total, in 12.1 innings. He did strike out 10 in his first start again the Twins, back in April. Joe Mauer has creamed Volquez hitting .409/.435/.591/1.026 in 22 at-bats over their careers, but Eddie has held down everyone else.


The second night Rally Mantis was in Kansas City, the Royals lost. Rally Mantis doesn't prevent all losses, but he or she did make them much more infrequent. If the Royals win today it may serve as evidence that Rally's consciousness was able to join the energy that surrounds and penetrates us all: dust mites.