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Kennedy and Cain Complete Conquest of Carnivorous Cats

Substitute teacher uses laziest method possible to do recap of 3-1 Royals victory over Tigers

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Hat tip to buddyball for the recap title.  As I'm the substitute recapper and have been fighting my AC's drain pan all night, you get a recap through the eyes of the game thread participants. Here, you are the star!

Somehow the fading Tigers and the not-even-.500 Royals were nationally televised

Public announcement: This game is the Free Game of the Day on MLB TV if any of you would like to watch and otherwise couldn’t.   -Sir Galahad the Pure

Game is also on ESPN  -trchief

In the 1st, an Orlando leadoff walk and Cuthbert single led to a Hosmer sac fly.

Hos snap out of it -trchief

whatever you're doing, it's working so far;  but you forgot to do it for cain -JLKC

Miguel Cabrera got hurt.

Cabrera left the game with an apparent arm injury of some sort (although probably not serious?)  -loyal2sdad

Yes bad throw by Detroit pitcher,bumped into Bert and got hurt -trchief

Meanwhile, the game breezed along as it was still 1-0 after 5.

Kennedy looks sharp, fly balls don't seem to be carrying, Royals have missed a few decent scoring chances

Don't forget the return of the mantis; ESPN spent a lot of time on that. -wcgrad

In the 6th, Gordon, his average up to (sad number), doubled with one out and scored on some play that Gameday described as "Raul Mondesi bunt single".

LET'S GO ROYALS! more runs please.  -Royalsfangirl

RUN(S)! -MightyMinx

@#%@ that kid is fast (paraphrased) -MonoStereo66

Kennedy gave up a JD Martinez homer in the 7th and it became a bullpen game.

here comes the Moyl -trchief

everybody getting mentally ready for the Soria 8th inning? because it’s coming! -loyal2sdad

The Royals need to score at least Soria more runs if they want to win this game.  -MightyMinx

Soria's 8th was eventful but not of his own doing.  Tyler Collins got ejected arguing balls and strikes while Saltalamacchia reached on a Mondesi error.  But Soria gave up no other runners and preserved the Royals lead.

Collins yelled @#$@ man! and got ejected after the ump called the strike. (paraphrased) -glovehat

In the top of the 9th, Cain's 2 out single drives in Escobar to make it 3-1.

For all your insurance needs, see Lorenzo Cain!!!  -MonoStereo66

Bottom 9, Herrera wasn't quite otter-matic in the 9th but he did get a pair of Ks and a double play (yes).

C'mon Herrera close it out  -trchief

One out and now for a double play  -trchief

Royals win and have now clawed back to 2 games under .500.  Two more games remain with the Motor City kitties.