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Royals Rumblings - News for August 19, 2016

Could the Royals contend? Stranger things have happened.

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Could the Royals contend? Stranger things have happened.

Royals Rumblings - News for August 19, 2016

Eric Hosmer is hoping adjustments get him out of his slump.

In recent days, Hosmer said, he has experimented with a quieter leg kick in certain counts, hoping to emerge from the malaise. For now, he is looking for anything to get back on track...

"That’s just kind of what happens in this game," Hosmer said. "You just got to find something that works, so it’s just an adjustment throughout the game you try and make to get you back in that zone."

Paulo Orlando is impressing with is defense in center field.

Defensive metrics are still in their infancy and often are too subjective for coaching staffs to value. But for argument's sake, according to Baseball-Reference, Orlando already has a total of eight defensive runs saved in his short time in center field this season. Over the course of 135 games, Orlando would have a total of 47 runs saved, the site estimates.

Orlando certainly passes the eyeball test.

"His closing speed is as good as it gets," one opposing scout said. "Wow."

The Royals are feeling confident right now.

"We're playing like champions," said Royals rookie second baseman Raul Mondesi, who hit his first career home run Tuesday...

"The offense looks to me like it's definitely coming back around," Royals manager Ned Yost said. "That's what we were waiting on. We felt good all the way around with our starting pitching for the most part and the bullpen guys have done a phenomenal job without (Luke) Hoch(evar) and Wade (Davis). They've really picked up the slack down there. We feel good where we're at right now."

Jeff Sullivan of Fangraphs writes that there is no Cy Young frontrunner.

You can keep on going. Justin Verlander has allowed a lower wOBA than Quintana. If you’re a big fan of playing time, only David Price has pitched to more batters on the year. I constructed a statistic similar to K-BB%, only also folding in pop-ups and hit-by-pitches. It measures those elements mostly under a pitcher’s control. In that category in the AL, Verlander ranks second. The only name in front of him: Danny Duffy. Duffy is your candidate if you don’t care that much about playing time. It’s just about finding the best pitcher, right? I can see this going both ways. Since re-entering the Royals rotation, Duffy has been almost untouchable. He’s thrown just 20 fewer innings than Sanchez. There’s nothing he’s not doing right now. I guess he could allow softer contact, but mostly, he just allows no contact.

Joakim Soria clears revocable waivers, meaning he can be traded if anyone wants him.

Alex Gordon is just one of several disappointing free agents from last winter.

A judge rules that the guy who left his puppy in a car during a Royals game cannot own a dog.

Rob Manfred wants a pitch clock and a ban on defensive shifts.

Improved health and an improved attitude have helped Wil Myers reach his potential.

A look at the best and worst base-running teams this year.

Former Royals pitcher Mike Montgomery is a Brooks Baseball stat nerd.

An Astros minor leaguer is accused of hitting his girlfriend at the ballpark.

Grant Brisbee lists the most depressing baseball stories of the year.

Your Little League World Series bracket.

Ryan Lochte fabricated his story on being held at gunpoint.

Former NFL star Darren Sharper is sentenced to 18 years in prison for being a serial rapist.

Gawker is closing up shop.

NPR decides to get rid of its comments section.

How did the largest city in America - Cahokia - just vanish?

Your song of the day is Electric Light Orchestra with "Four Little Diamonds."