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Holy cow Jarrod Dyson just made the catch of the year

Turns out the Royals are great at defense

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the Kansas City Royals are pretty nifty at defense. In the first inning of their Thursday night game against the Marlins, Dee Gordon drilled a ball up the middle that looked like a sure hit for the speedster, only to have Raul Mondesi make a sensational throw against his body for the out.

That was just a prelude to what may be the defensive play of the year. Christian Yelich launched a deep fly to center, seemingly a home run. But Jarrod Dyson had other plans.

The catch immediately brought back memories of legendary Hall of Famer Ken Griffey, Jr.

Just how great was that?

Even the Marlins had to show respect.

Gotta hand it to Edinson Volquez. He’s such a team player for allowing his teammates to make highlight reel catches all over the field!