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Royals Rumblings - News for August 3, 2016

Goodbye Luke.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Rumblings - News for August 3, 2016

Sam Mellinger thinks the Royals can still contend in 2017 with this group.

But I think they’ve got one more run of contention in them. They’re not that old. I still believe Eric Hosmer has a monster year in him. Mike Moustakas will be healthy. I think Gordon’s wrist is bothering him more than anyone is letting on. Sal Perez remains one of the game’s best catchers. Duffy is entering his prime. I’m intrigued by Raul Mondesi playing second base, and perhaps some shortstop.

More than anything else, this group just seems tired to me. Worn down. And it’s easy to understand why. Going to three consecutive World Series is a huge ask, particularly for a team that relies so heavily on relievers and athleticism. Guys only have so much in the tank.

This is a group that’s always enjoyed playing together, always been at their best when motivated by pride, and always answered when counted out. All of those things will be in play next year.

One more run. I think they have it in them.

Luke Hochevar is officially out for the season.

Royals reliever Luke Hochevar underwent surgery Tuesday in St. Louis to fix his recently discovered thoracic outlet syndrome, manager Ned Yost said. The operation included a scalenectomy, a procedure that divides or removes a portion of the scalene muscle in the front of the neck, and the removal of a rib near the right shoulder. The Royals said the surgery was performed by Robert Thompson, a thoracic outlet syndrome specialist.

Hochevar is expected to miss close to six months. He should return healthy for spring training in 2017.

Lee Judge looks at how Danny Duffy has become a reliable starting pitcher.

Duffy simplified his approach: Whether it’s pitching out of the stretch or dropping his fourth pitch, Duffy is taking a simpler approach to being a starting pitcher. Some starters try to save pitches for the second or third trip through the order and that can backfire; if you hold back that nasty slider you might not make it through the order three times. Monday night Duffy threw all his pitches in the first inning — here’s my best stuff, let’s see you hit it.

Darin Watson gives Royals fans a guide to playing out the string.

The Pirates trade of Francisco Liriano seems a bit foolish.

The Yankees made a bold move to get younger.

The Red Sox call up top prospect Andrew Benintendi.

Scott Feldman loses to the Astros just hours after being on their team.

Do hitters struggle the game after seeing a knuckleballer?

The NCAA adds another year of sanctions to Missouri men’s basketball.

Uncle Rico and the greatest fictional quarterbacks of all time.

Kemper Arena will now be "Mosaic Arena."

It is much safer to back into parking spots, so why don’t we do it?

Maybe malls aren’t dying, they’re just changing.

The first reviews of Suicide Squad are not kind.

Your song of the day is Clap Your Hands Say Yeah with "Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth."