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Sporcle Friday: The most wins by a Royals pitcher

Pitcher wins takes grit, guts, and the will to win.

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Pitcher wins have become a fairly discredited stat, but to some they still reflect the will to win, and gritty, gamer pitchers who can throw 200 pitches in back-to-back games in a weekend. The Royals have long prided themselves on pitching, but have never produced a pitcher who has won as many as 200 games in a Royals uniform. Those that excelled on a mound in a Royals uniform did not stay in Kansas City long, whether it was due to money, injuries, or stupid trades.

Can you name the top 30 pitchers in Royals history in pitcher wins? Some of these names were multiple All-Stars and Cy Young winners. Others were guys were simply able to stick around long enough for a bad team to grab a few wins. There are starters and relievers, lefties and righties, even a pitcher or two on the current roster. The years listed reflect their tenures in Kansas City.

How many Royals pitchers can you name?