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Duffy V. Blue Jays: Game CX Thread

The Czar of Gnar tilts against the 2015 ALCS runner-up.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, Johnny Cueto made his Kansas City debut against the Toronto Blue Jays. It was a fun event, complete with a Royals Review meet-up and everything.

This year, the closest thing we get to that feeling is Danny Duffy. It's a different feeling, to be sure. More comfortable. Cueto was a cult of personality, and while Duffy isn't without his quirks, he's been a Royal for his entire career. That kind of relationship just functions differently than the fly by night equivalency that was John Cueto.

Coming off a start in which he struck out a franchise record sixteen batters in just eight innings (while carrying a no-hitter into the eighth as well), the coming out party is in full swing. The Czar of Gnar is on pace to put up the best season (by fWAR) by a Royals starter since James Shields was in town, and it isn't entirely out of the question that he could best him as well.

Toronto counters with Aaron Sanchez (11-1, 2.71 ERA), who's you know, pretty good. Pretty good. The Blue Jays themselves are pretty good.