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Sporcle Friday: The Worst ERAs in Royals history

Give them the hook.

Chicago White Sox v Kansas City Royals Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Royals have a proud tradition of pitching. Busby. Leonard. Saberhagen. Appier. These names are not in today’s Sporcle Quiz.

Today we’ll be focusing on pitchers who did not have such a smooth season in a Royals uniform. These are the 25 worst single-season ERAs in franchise history, for a pitcher who threw at least 100 innings. These pitchers had to be good enough (or their team desperate enough) to throw them out there that many times, but bad enough to allow runs in mass quantities. Some of these pitchers were quite excellent, but just had an awful season to get through. Others were disasters on the mound. A few are on the list multiple times, because Royals fans are gluttons for punishment.

If pitching is the currency of baseball, these are the coins you find under the cushion. How many of the 25 worst single-season pitchers in Royals history can you name?