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Royals V. White Sox: Game CXLVII Thread

Game Called.

Jordan Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

This is how seasons end. Four game losing streaks and getting savaged by a team with 82 losses. The air is not let out, so much as it is pummeled from your lungs. Each body shot clears the diaphragm. The gagging and gasping is enough to make you drop. Stars in your eyes blink into nothingness, the tumult of a crowd replaced with deafening silence.

Ian Kennedy (11-9, 3.62 ERA) tilts for the Royals. He's a safe bet to do a thing. Chris Sale 15-8, 3.03) is a safe bet to do a better thing.

Game Called. Across the field of play
the dusk has come, the hour is late.
The fight is done and lost or won,
the player files out through the gate.
The tumult dies, the cheer is hushed,
the stands are bare, the park is still.
But through the night there shines the light,
home beyond the silent hill.

Game Called. Where in the golden light
the bugle rolled the reveille.
The shadows creep where night falls deep,
and taps has called the end of play.
The game is done, the score is in,
the final cheer and jeer have passed.
But in the night, beyond the fight,
the player finds his rest at last.