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Royals to raise season ticket prices

Pay up if you want to see the Royals make a run.

The Royals will almost certainly not be making a post-season run in 2016, and forgoing that revenue means the team will hike up season ticket prices for next year. Royals Vice President of Publicity Toby Cook insists that the increased prices will be used to invest in the team to produce a quality product on the field. According to the Kansas City Star, the increase ranges from 4-10 percent.

The cost of Field Box tickets are set to increase roughly 4 percent, while Dugout Plaza and Dugout Box seats will be about 5 percent more expensive. The Crown Club, which was sold out for all of last year, will increase 10 percent. The Diamond Club box will go up 15 percent.

The Hy-Vee box and view seats will remain the same as this season.

Single-game ticket prices have yet to be announced, and will go on sale in February.

The Royals have averaged 31,913 fans per game this year, down about 4.8% from last year’s franchise record-setting attendance. According to Cook, the Royals set a franchise record with nearly 18,000 "full-season equivalent" ticket holders, including full-and half-season plans, and 20-game packages. The Royals have the 12th-lowest average ticket price in Major League Baseball in 2016.

Season ticket holders have been sent a renewal notice for 2017. They can receive all 12 giveaway items without standing in line. Reserved parking fees will also go up from $12 to $14, although the Royals have not yet decided if general parking fees for non-season ticket holders will go up.