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Weekend Rumblings - News for September 24, 2016

Be .500.

Kansas City Royals v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Weekend Rumblings - News for September 24, 2016

The Royals still want to finish over .500 this year.

"That's vitally important in my mind," Yost said. "In the history of the Royals, the organization has only done it [that one other] time. It's really important."

The Royals also could become only the third team in the American League to finish over .500 the last four seasons -- the Indians will be another, and the Yankees could be the third team.

Yost said motivation for his players won't be a problem.

"Our guys, if you take a look of our guys, they're all on the top step, all cheering for each other every game," Yost said. "I don't see any complacency at all.

"It's in their DNA. They play hard. They don't have to have something to play for. It's embedded in them."

Ned Yost says it is unlikely Lorenzo Cain will play this week.

David Lesky at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City wants the Royals to add some pitching depth this winter.

Looking ahead to the offseason, I believe the Royals will need to add at least two starting pitchers who they think can help their staff at some point during the 2017 season. In my opinion, one needs to be a guy you can slot in right away. Maybe that’s just figuring out a deal with Edinson Volquez and hoping that an October-less season will get him ready to perform well again. Some guys I’d target for the sometime in 2017 role are Jhoulys Chacin, Scott Feldman and maybe even Brett Anderson. Of course, I wouldn’t break the bank for any of them, so they might find deals that are better for them, but these are guys I’d have interest in as the swing man role that Chris Young attempted to fill this season.

Lee Judge gives his rules for changing pitchers.

Danny Duffy talks about how awesome the championship parade was.

The 2015 Royals are in the running for best World Series winner.

How Terry Francona blends math with the human touch to lead the Indians.

The Orioles are in trouble, but they can still make a run.

Who is the American League Rookie of the Year - Michael Fulmer or Gary Sanchez?

Mariners catcher Steve Clevenger is suspended the rest of the year for tweets about Black Lives Matter protesters.

The fraudulent myth of Big Papi.

When will women play Major League Baseball in real life?

Peyton Manning’s life after football is incredibly sad, at least according to his commercials.

A staffer from Vice Sports tries out for the Raptors D-League team and it doesn’t go well.

Facebook overestimated a key video metric for two years.

Twitter may be up for sale.

Norm MacDonald gets candid about SNL, modern comedy, and presidential politics.

Your song of the day is Miles Davis with Airegin.