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Royals BreakingT shirts now 50% off over Labor Day weekend!

Get your shirt for the pennant run!

Royals fans work hard, and most of you are enjoying a well-deserved break this weekend. Well BreakingT wants to give you a break in price as well, offering a 50% discount on some of their Royals shirts, including the "Throw Fire" Yordano Ventura shirt, the "Salvy Splash" shirt, and the "Yost with the Most" shirt.

Yordano Ventura has a 3.03 ERA over his last ten starts, giving the Royals the same kind of second-half performance he gave last year. Come support Yordano Ventura with this "Throw Fire" shirt, made right here in the USA.

Throw Fire

The Royals will get back on the winning side soon, and you can be sure Salvador Perez will be there with a bucket of Gatorade to pour on hero (as well as Joel Goldberg). Join in the fun with your own "I Survived a Salvy Splash" shirt!

You may have your quibbles with Ned Yost, the buntastic two-time pennant winner with a championship ring. You may think he's a moron, but he's our moron. And he's had the last laugh on a lot of critics. The "Yost with the Most" shirt is now on sale this weekend, so show Frank Ned your support!

Of course, you can still get other BreakingT shirts this weekend, like the Rally Mantis shirt. LONG LIVE THE MANTIS! Each shirt is comfortable, durable, and 100% guaranteed to produce at least one more Royals win this year. Get yours today!