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Better team wins 7-2

One for the ages, in that it will be forgotten in time. This game was Ozymandias, king of kings, look upon its works, ye mighty, and despair. Nothing beside remains.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

You know, this is the last recap I get to write for 2016. This hasn't been the best year of my life, and maybe some of you have noticed my relative absence this year. For that, I apologize. Things have happened. Other things have not happened. For the most part, I'm getting by. I have uprooted myself permanently and now live 1,600 miles away from my Kansas City home. Things are scary on the outskirts, but in a good way; but scary nonetheless.

So, Cleveland won. And they won handily. It was the kind of win we grew accustomed to the Royals having last season. Clean, neat, over quickly, and coasting to an easy win thru the late innings. Those days seem so far away. Now, it looks as though we're here to stay for a while. This offseason might provide some stuff. Or we could get the hard reset that might give us a brighter tomorrow today.

Yordano Ventura wasn't good. He's going to end the year with a losing record (11-12), a 4.45 ERA, and save for a handful of starts, pretty much a forgettable season from front to back.

I could really use some member berries right about now.

Daniel Nava played. Alright. Alcides Escobar came out of the game. Buh. Whit Merrifield probably isn't good, but Cheslor Cuthbert fell off a bit, so eh. Raul Mondesi's season got worse. So.

Good times, guys.

Kansas City plays a game in October tomorrow!  OCTOBER BASEBALL!