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Game 139 Thread: Royals vs. Twins Finale

Can we just play the rest of the year against Minnesota?

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Remember the Minnesota twins from 2002 to 2010 or so? They were a juggernaut, winning the American League Central six times.

Since 2011, though, the Twins have been, ah, less than stellar. They've had six consecutive losing seasons, and are looking at their fourth with 96 or more losses. This Twins team is terrible. Very, very bad.

The Twins have been so bad that the Kansas City Royals have beat them 13 times out of 15. If Kansas City nabs a playoff spot from the jaws of defeat, we can thank the Twins. To the mound for the Royals is Danny Duffy, ace (maybe?) and Cy Young candidate (eh, maybe?):

The Twins, meanwhile, send Kyle Gibson and Destroyer of Worlds, Brian Dozier, to face the Royals: