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Royals Rumblings - News for January 19, 2017

Presidents and more extensions

Boston Red Sox v Kansas City Royals-Game Two Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Craig Brown considers the Duffy extension the first Royals’ win of the year:

Let’s discuss what this means to the fans. Duffy is one of two pitching development success stories in the Dayton Moore era. He walked away from the game briefly in 2010 because he needed to get away from the game for awhile. He made his major league debut in 2011, at the front of The Process. When he returned from his surgery, he was tutored by James Shields and emerged as one of the stalwarts on the 2014 staff that made that deep October run. Duffy was hurt that postseason and saw limited action, but was a key bullpen arm in the championship run of the next season.

That kind of pedigree is enough to earn adulation from a fanbase starved for success. Except Duffy took things a step further, repeatedly declaring his loyalty to the organization and stating that he wanted to be a Royal for life. “Bury me a Royal.” Are you kidding me? After almost three decades of a franchise acting as a way station for players who couldn’t wait to get out of the baseball purgatory of Kansas City, here was a young kid who never wanted to leave. He loves Kansas City. The feeling is mutual.

BP Kansas City’s Clint Scoles writes up a potential draftee, Michael Gigliotti:

An old school speedster whose game is built on his legs, Gigliotti isn’t afraid to lay down a bunt for a hit (23 in ’15) while also controlling the zone to get on base with a walk. Once on base, Gigliotti can convert that speed into steals with 52 stolen bases during his two seasons at college and in summer league competition against just 13 times caught (80%). The one thing that the Cape showed besides that ability was that there is some pop with the wooden bat. He’s not a power hitter by any means, but he did connect on three home runs in less than 50 games between the regular season and playoffs with another eight doubles and two triples.

It’s the speed, the on base skill and, above all, his defense that should make him attractive to the Royals. A plus defender, Gigliotti with his long strides would be a solid fit in Kauffman Stadium. The outfielder gets solid reads off the bat, takes proper routes and uses that plus speed to track balls down. The only tool in the defensive bag that isn’t plus is his arm, but at average in the middle 80s, it is enough to play without it becoming a liability. It’s these tools combined with the bat that helped him to be named the Cape’s top prospect and best defensive outfielder.

Better know an Alec Mills.

Humbled, Tim Raines tweeted the following upon hearing of his induction to the Hall of Fame:

Jeff Sullivan runs down Kole Calhoun and the best non-prospects.

Old friend Wil Myers gets the rare extension for a player just entering arbitration.

President Obama pardoned Willie McCovey.

Where do wax Presidents go when they’re put out to pasture?

Rany Jazayerli details Obama’s biggest mistake, his handling of the Syrian crisis.

Will & Grace is returning for a ten-episode run.

For your reference, a list of fatal bear attacks.

Alanis Morissette’s former manager fesses up to stealing $7M.

The song of the day is “What’s So” by John Paul White.