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Royals Rumblings - News for January 2, 2017

Happy New Year.

New Year Celebrations in New York Photo by Volkan Furuncu/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for January 2, 2017

Jeffrey Flanagan says that Matt Strahm is probably going to be in the pen in 2017.

The front four of the rotation are set with Duffy, Yordano Ventura, Ian Kennedy and Jason Vargas. There will be an open tryout for the No. 5 spot among Chris Young, Mike Minor and possibly Strahm, though his immediate future likely is in the bullpen. Expect Moore and his staff to uncover some other lesser-known free agents to battle for the fifth spot as well. Finding forgotten arms (Joe Blanton, Ryan Madson, Peter Moylan, etc.) is what the Royals' scouting department does best.

David Lesky at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City thinks the return of Mike Moustakas could improve the defense significantly.

If he’s capable of playing third base almost every day (think 130 games or so), then his defense alone will be a huge upgrade over Cheslor Cuthbert, who flashed some great plays at times, but also struggled mightily at times. I have a hunch that Moose’s superior range will actually be a boost to both the third base spot and Alcides Escobar at shortstop. Escobar is better to his right than anywhere, but if Moustakas can handle going to his left a little farther than Cuthbert, Escobar can potentially position himself closer to the bag to help improve his overall defensive work as well.

Leigh Oleszczak at KC Kingdom look at Royals minor leaguers that could contribute at the big league level in 2017.

Mike Moustakas has manned that third base spot for years now and when he went down in 2016, Cheslor Cuthbert stepped in with ease. Christian Colon was also able to spend time at third, which meant that Hunter Dozier being called up wasn’t an immediate need.

Dozier finally got an opportunity to play in Kansas City in September last season and slashed .211/.286/.263 in 19 at bats. He has room to improve for sure, but where would Dozier play at? Personally, I could see Dozier spending some time at third base in 2017, especially with that open designated hitter role. Mike Moustakas will be coming off an injury and will probably get a few more days to rest at the beginning of the season. Hunter Dozier could be utilized here.

Are the Twins gonna deal Brian Dozier or what?

The Rangers have had extension talks with Yu Darvish and Jonathan Lucroy.

Sportswriter Murray Chass is grumpy about how the internet talks about Hall of Fame voting.

The Nationals are playing an interesting game with Bryce Harper on a contract extension.

Get ready to be hated, Cubs fans.

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The Chiefs win the AFC West and will get a first-round bye in the playoffs.

Ronda Rousey’s return to the ring resulted in her getting destroyed.

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