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Royals Rumblings - News for January 23, 2017


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Kansas City Royals v Texas Rangers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for January 23, 2017

Sam Mellinger talked to Dayton Moore about the tragic loss of Yordano Ventura.

Moore loved him, too. He may have talked with Ventura more than any other player in the Royals’ system.

“A lot of the good ones require maintenance,” Moore said. “They just do. Yordano challenged us. Players like Yordano are why coaches and teachers exist.”

Ventura will be buried Tuesday in the Dominican Republic. Several members of the Royals organization, including Ned Yost, plan to attend.

Blair Kerkhoff writes that the stats showed Yordano Ventura had the potential for greatness.

It’s not far-fetched to guess Ventura could have become one of the Royals’ greatest of all-time. Only six pitchers in the organization’s history have 100 career victories — none since Kevin Appier, who last pitched for the Royals in 2004.

Ventura would have approached that number if he averaged 12 victories per season through the end of his contract.

Ventura averaged 153 strikeouts in his three seasons. If Ventura had maintained that average over the next five years, he’d have 1,224, and that would’ve ranked him fourth on the Royals’ all-time list.

A look back at some of Yordano Ventura’s more memorable moments.

Former Royals reliever Jason Frasor reflects upon his career.

"I got traded to Kansas City, and I get there, and we lost our first four games. We lose our first four games, and I remember telling my wife this team stinks," Frasor said. "And then, all of a sudden, we just won 25 out of 30, something ridiculous, and then, all of a sudden, I'm saying to my wife this is the best team I've ever been on. We win the wild card, we go and beat Anaheim. We're in the World Series. Those two months, September and October, were the best two months of my life. It was the best baseball, and I had my kids and my wife with me, and we were just going from city to city. It was so much fun."

Steve Gardner at USA Today previews the 2017 season for the Royals.

Leigh Oleszczak at KC Kingdom writes that Danny Duffy must pitch like an ace.

Mike Jirschele’s son Justin will be managing in the minor leagues for the White Sox.

Royals beat writer Rustin Dodd writes about things he likes, including Netflix’s Bojack Horseman.

Tim Lincecum isn’t ready to retire.

Chris Russo thinks this year’s selections have ruined the Hall of Fame.

Omar Vizquel will cause a Hall of Fame debate.

A look inside the Marlins analytics department.

Chiefs GM John Dorsey could be next in line to run the Packers.

The Jayhawks are winning by going small.

College teams from the Big Ten enter the world of e-sports.

What happens to an online relationship when the forum dies?

The LucasFilm story group points out even more obscure Easter eggs in Rogue One.

Your song of the day is Warren Zevon with Keep Me in Your Heart.