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Royals Review Radio - Episode 21: The Yordano Ventura Memorial Episode

Before we get started with the normal podcast we want to take a brief moment to acknowledge the passing of Yordano Ventura. This podcast was recorded on Thursday before we obviously knew of his death on Sunday. I believe we do mention Ventura at one point in this edition so we wanted our listeners to know that anything we say was said prior to his death.

In finance and insurance there is a term called inherent vice (it’s also the name of a Thomas Pynchon novel and Paul Thomas Anderson film adaption). This term inherent vice describes something that can’t be insured for because it’s unavoidable. As Pynchon writes it in his novel, it usually applies to cargo; eggs break -- chocolate melts -- glass shatters." The inherent problem with existence.

From the moment we are born there is a timer that starts. A clock that counts down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until we have to shuffle off this mortal coil as Shakespeare would say. This timer is unavoidable and it ticks for everyone. Some people’s timers are longer than others, but even those with longer timers don’t live to see it reach double-zero. Instead their clock is stopped short through tragedy. This is such the case with Ventura, who passed away in a car accident in his native Dominican Republic. More will come out over the next few days and weeks, and much like with the death of a fellow young pitcher whose clock was stopped too early, it may be ugly facts. For now though a life has been lost, and seemingly under circumstances that unfortunately could have been avoided. That though doesn’t lessen the impact of the loss, and Royals nation will surely mourn for him. We at Royals Review send our condolences to the Ventura family, as well as to the family of Andy Marte who too was killed on the same day in a separate accident.

Life in a way is only inherent vice.

In today's episode we discuss:

Jorge Soler trade

Extending Danny Duffy

Not talking about Drew Butera

Nathan Karns and who he could be

David DeJesus, Angel Berroa and sad moments from the early-aughts of the 21st century

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