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Fan recounts story about how Danny Duffy is a good dude

The Duffman has a big heart.

Minnesota Twins v Kansas City Royals Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

You probably already knew this, but Danny Duffy is a really good dude. He pledged a $500 donation to the charity Noah’s Bandage Project for every strikeout this season and exchanged condolences with fans at a vigil set up at Kauffman Stadium following the death of Yordano Ventura.

Now comes a story one fan relayed about a potential buyer for his Yordano Ventura bobblehead.

Duffy was a bit embarrassed that the story was made public.

“I didn’t want that to get out,” Duffy said Saturday afternoon at Royals FanFest. “It was just kind of a little thing I was trying to do on the side. Collect over the year and when the time was right just send down a care package and let her know I was thinking of her.”...

So what is Duffy looking for?

“Anything,” he said. “Anything that has his name on it. Anything that has his face on it. I got a banner or two from the street signs, amongst other things. …

“It’s pretty casual. Anything I can see. Periodically, I won’t be able to sleep and I’ll eBay at 2 a.m. and if I come across something that’s new, I’ll do it.”

If you didn’t know it already, this Royals team is a family. Danny Duffy behaves as you’d hope any professional athlete would - with exuberance for the game, gratitude to the fans, and love for his teammates.