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Sporcle Friday: Royals Opening Day outfielders

These guys got the season started off right.

MLB: APR 06 White Sox at Royals Photo by William Purnell/Icon Sportswire/Corbis via Getty Images

Opening Day is still three months away, but we can dream of warmer days where baseball is being played with all the pomp and cirumstance of Opening Day. The last two Opening Days in Kansas City have included pennant and championship ceremonies, but the Royals have certainly had Opening Days that included far less pride in the team.

Since 1995, 33 different players have started in the outfield for the Royals on Opening Day. Some of these players were All-Stars, Gold Glovers, future Royals Hall of Famers. Others just got the call because they were a cheap free agent, or someone the Royals were taking a flyer on, or in some cases, they were just filling in for someone that was hurt.

Of the 33 Opening Day starting outfielders for the Royals since 1995, how many can you name?