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Royals Rumblings - News for January 9, 2016

My favorite movie was once again the 2015 World Series video.

Screening of 'The 2015 World Series' John Sleezer/Kansas City Star/TNS via Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for January 9, 2016

Rustin Dodd writes that Dayton Moore is patiently waiting out the market.

“When the music stops, there’s always going to be a few guys without chairs,” Moore said in an interview this week. “And unfortunately, for those players, the options dwindle. For the clubs that stay aggressive and keep their pulse on everything, you can get some potential deals.”...

“It’s no different than any other year,” Moore said. “This time of year, the market tends to stabilize. And some players, who for whatever reason are still on the market, become a little more realistic.”

Matt Swartz at MLB Trade Rumors looks at Eric Hosmer’s arbitration case.

Ultimately, I think both Frazier and Hosmer have good cases to top Fielder’s $4MM raise and either could make a case for being near Headley’s $5.1MM raise. I suspect Hosmer may fall short of his projected $5.05MM raise, and get somewhere closer to $4.5MM—which would put him around $12.75MM.

Cat Garcia at Baseball Prospectus likes the power potential Jorge Soler gives the Royals.

Last season the Cubs scored the third-most runs in baseball and had nine players reach double-digit homers, including Soler with a dozen long balls. He was just one of many good Chicago bats and in fact Soler's solid .769 OPS was slightly below the Cubs' team total of .772.

Meanwhile, the Royals ranked 23rd in scoring, plating 133 fewer runs than the Cubs. They hit the fourth-fewer homers in baseball and had just five players reach double-digit homers. And their team leader, Kendrys Morales and his 30 bombs, left via free agency. Kansas City is in desperate need of offense and specifically power hitting, which Soler can provide even if the flaws in his game remain issues. He has 27 homers, 35 doubles, and a .176 isolated power in 682 career at-bats.

Jeffrey Flanagan looks at the recent Matt Adams trade rumors for the Royals.

Dillon Gee’s body is ready.

Does Baseball America do a poor job ranking starting pitching prospects?

Who are the hitters who get the most bad strike calls against them?

Manny Ramirez signs with the Kochi Fighting Dogs in Japan.

What are the best cities for baseball expansion?

Team Israel in the World Baseball Classic visits....Israel.

State bonds could be used to help finance a new minor league stadium for Wichita.

The Chiefs will try to extend the contract of coach Andy Reid.

Clemson and Alabama will get a national title re-match tonight.

Your complete list of Golden Globes winners.

There is a movie that does not exist, but people on Reddit are convinced it does.

Golden Girls is coming to Hulu.

Your song of the day is Pavement with Rattled by the Rush.