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Please welcome new writer Ryan Heffernon

Its not just the Royals adding talent.

Lap Top Computer Photo by Jeff Overs/BBC News & Current Affairs via Getty Images

The Royals have added Jorge Soler and Nate Karns this off-season in an attempt to get younger and extend their window. Likewise, Royals Review has added to the writing staff in an attempt to continue to be relevant in the lucrative world of sports blogging.

Please join me in welcoming Ryan Heffernon to the writing staff. He has experience writing as the editor of his college newspaper, as well as a blogger for both Kings of Kauffman and numberFire. He is new to our community, but I think you will find he is a stat nerd just like many of us.

So I am graduating this spring with a major in Journalism at Evangel University in Springfield, Mo. I have been the sports editor at our school paper since I quit baseball (and lost the conflict of interest) my freshman year. As for the blogging, I started off writing for numberFire a few years ago before moving over to Kings Of Kauffman. I wrote there for just under two seasons.

When I saw a chance to get on board at Royals Review, I jumped at it. As with my history at numberFire, I am an analytics and metrics believer, so my subject matter will often reflect that. My favorite Royal of all-time is Mike Sweeney, although Alex Gordon isn't far behind and was also adamently Team Billy and went down with the ship.

Whoa, an actual journalist on our staff! Maybe we can get him credentialed at Kauffman Stadium. Or maybe you have to be a political cartoonist to get credentialed? Either way, we look forward to what Ryan has to offer and you can follow his hot Royals takes on Twitter at @Its_Heff.