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Royals Rumblings - News for October 17, 2017

Bob Dutton shares some stories.

Royals v Indians Photo by Dave Kaup/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for October 17, 2017

As the investigation into the Braves winds down, it looks less likely that Dayton Moore will jump ship to Atlanta.

One thing that’s become apparent as this thing has dragged on is that there were probably more reasons for Dayton Moore – the dream GM candidate in the view of many Braves followers – not to jump ship on the Royals and take the Braves job than there were for him to do so. And that’s beyond the obvious one: As long as Hart is president of baseball operations, Moore would be making a less-than-lateral move coming to the Braves, since he is, in effect, both GM and president of baseball ops with the Royals. Moore, a former Braves assistant GM, runs the entire show in Kansas City, as far as baseball ops is concerned.

David Lesky at Baseball Prospectus looks at what Mike Minor could get on the open market this winter.

The vibe I get here is that the general cost for a good reliever is somewhere between $5 million per year and $8 million per year. Let’s add in a little inflation and say it goes up to $9 million. Minor had a better year than all of those listed above, but obviously hadn’t pitched in the big leagues since 2014. No matter how good he was last year, there is a little concern about that. The name I want to look at from the list above is Brett Cecil because I think that’s a good general feeling for what Minor could get. While Cecil struggled at times in his first year with the Cardinals, he could be a pretty good comp.

Another Cardinals blog wants no part of Eric Hosmer.

The problem with Eric Hosmer isn’t that he isn’t good—it’s that he isn’t great. For a team with a black hole at first base—the Boston Red Sox and Colorado Rockies made the playoffs with marginal options Mitch Moreland and Mark Reynolds, respectively, at the position—he could be extremely useful, in the way that Jhonny Peralta was useful for the Cardinals in 2014 not just because he was good, but because he was replacing Pete Kozma. But the Cardinals are fine at first base, even if they’re still a far cry from Albert Pujols at the position.

Rustin Dodd talks to former Royals beat writer Bob Dutton about covering the team during the lean years.

The Royals are releasing a 50th anniversary book for the 2018 season.

Why is Aaron Judge struggling this post-season?

Pitching labels are becoming irrelevant.

When it comes to closers, managers still seem to be old school.

Brad Ausmus declines to interview with the Mets but will interview with the Red Sox.

Yasiel Puig has revived his career with Dave Roberts as skipper.

Miguel Cabrera is hit with a paternity suit.

Hey, umpires can be funny.

Brandon Finnegan talks about returning next year after missing most of this year due to shoulder problems.

Former White Sox pitcher Daniel Webb dies in an ATV accident.

Rick Pitino is out at Louisville.

Could the NHL get rid of its All-Star Game?

Wi-fi was attacked yesterday, here’s the good news and bad news.

Domestication ruined pack instincts for dogs.

Halt and Catch Fire was a great show no one watched.

Your song of the day is Boomtown Rats with Up All Night.