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Weekend Rumblings - News for November 11, 2017

Thank you, veterans.

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Weekend Rumblings - News for November 11, 2017

David Lesky at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City considers signing Logan Morrison.

Yes, many believe that spending any real money in 2018 is silly and, like I’ve said before, I see, understand and somewhat agree with that viewpoint. But if they do spend money and try to make the team competitive, you could make an argument that a Morrison/Hunter Dozier combination at first and third would be as effective offensively as Hosmer and Mike Moustakas. When you factor in that Morrison is probably in line for a deal that’s roughly 25% or less of Hosmer’s and Dozier is a 0-3 guy making roughly the minimum, that’s a bet I’d surely take while the Royals take the draft pick in exchange for their free agents. Heck, go out and sign Carlos Gomez too and you might not even see much of an offensive dropoff, if any. They’re still going to need pitching to be anything more than mediocre, but it would be a start if they choose to go that way.

Alex Gordon won the 2017 Wilson Defensive Award for left-fielders.

Rustin Dodd looks at the market for Lorenzo Cain.

San Francisco Giants: The Giants have long been considered a likely landing spot for Cain, whose premium defense would be a strong fit in the spacious confines of AT&T Park. He would be an upgrade over an aging Denard Span in center field and join a core group that helped the Giants to three World Series before an unexpected 98-loss season last year. looks at organizational leaders in the Royals’ system, including outfielder Khalil Lee.

The 19-year-old proved he was ready for his first full season, showing off a power-speed combination that produced a team-high 17 homers and 20 stolen bases. The second-ranked Royals prospect didn't have the flashiest batting line (.237/.344/.430), but provided six triples and 24 doubles with 71 runs scored and 61 RBIs.

"[He] showed the ability, not only to drive the ball to the gaps, but also be aggressive on the bases as well," Richardson said. "He has the ability to play above-average defense with a plus arm and really what he was able to do as a teenager ... really led that team at the top of the order."

Here is what the Royals are offering at their garage sale today.

The Angels will prioritize offense over pitching this winter.

Four teams are already talking to the Marlins about Giancarlo Stanton.

Japanese star Shohei Otani will be posted.

Aaron Boone is a managerial candidate for the Yankees.

Looking ahead to next year’s free agent bonanza.

Pitch-framing data is going insane.

Martellus Bennett says the Packers screwed him over when they cut him.

ESPN will layoff 100 more employees after Thanksgiving.

The correct ranking of core Super Mario games.

Veteran’s Day used to be a celebration of peace.

Twitter’s verification system was a mess from the start.

Your song of the day is John Lewis with Afternoon in Paris.