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Weekend Rumblings - News for November 18, 2017

Could Dayton Moore be getting an extension?

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Kansas City Royals Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Weekend Rumblings - News for November 18, 2017

Jon Heyman at FanRag reports David Glass is considering offering Dayton Moore a contract extension.

Royals owner David Glass is said by big-league sources to be considering a possible two-year extension for beloved GM Dayton Moore after declining the Braves’ request to interview Moore to become their new baseball president and lead their baseball ops department, as he is allowed to do. Braves former GM John Schuerholz called Moore soon after John Coppolella was forced out as GM and then asked Glass for permission to interview Moore, which Glass did not grant. Moore and Glass subsequently discussed the Royals’ commitment to Moore, but in the meantime, the Braves hired Alex Anthopoulos as GM, ending Moore’s chances at an interview. Moore, whose current deal runs through 2020, has “no leverage” and would have to depend on “the goodness of Glass’s heart,” according to someone familiar with the situation. But it would seem to be a nice way to repay an employee who’s done a fantastic job.

Colby Wilson at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City thinks Glass is about to become more generous.

This is not a rumors website; we deal in hard facts around here. But I can’t shake the feeling that part of the reason Moore didn’t raise more of a stink about letting the Braves job go by without so much as an official interview (do grow up, of course they had some back-room, off-the-record discussions) is that David Glass not-so-subtly let him know that the purse strings will be loosened, allowing Moore to rain Benjamin’s down on at least (or most?) one of his homegrown talents.

Whoever that might be (head says Moustakas, heart says Hosmer, the parts of me that values being cost-effective say Cain), it’s going to touch off what one hopes will be a round of much-needed spending in the draft, on international players and player development.

Derrick Goold at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch thinks the Cardinals could pursue Eric Hosmer.

There is a strong market for first baseman Eric Hosmer, and yes the teams that have at least expressed interest includes the Cardinals. He was described by a source as "a good fit" for what the Cardinals want to do for their lineup.

The Blue Jays could use Lorenzo Cain, but they also need pitching.

Patrick Karraker at MLB Daily Dish thinks Kelvin Herrera could be one of many players moved this off-season.

Herrera’s value isn’t great right now considering that he posted career-worst numbers in 2017 (4.25 ERA and 1.35 WHIP in 59.1 innings) and dealt with a forearm injury late in the season. But he’s heading into his final year of arbitration, and the Royals might not have much use for him as they retool in 2018. A club that’s willing to bet that Herrera was simply miscast as a closer could end up with a fireballing middle reliever who had been extremely reliable prior to 2017, posting a 2.63 ERA and 1.12 WHIP over his first six major-league seasons.

Jonathan Bernhardt of FanRag considers some “crazy trade ideas” including third baseman Evan Longoria to Kansas City.

Longoria will gain 10/5 rights and the ability to veto trades in April 2018, so if the Rays want to part ways with their franchise third baseman — who has been healthy, consistent, and somewhat underwhelming over the past three seasons — now’s the time to do it, or they’re stuck with him for another four or five years, depending on how the options at the end of Longoria’s deal play out. Kansas City seems like it’d be an excellent fit for him as a player, and he’s probably cheaper than Mike Moustakas would be to re-sign.

Royals beat writer Rustin Dodd explains his AL MVP vote for Jose Ramirez.

John Hart leaves the Braves.

Craig Edwards at Fangraphs estimates each team’s payroll room.

Max Scherzer credits his time at Mizzou for his staying power.

Why haven’t there been any moves this off-season yet?

Giancarlo Stanton wants Marlins ownership to do more to compete.

The Rays will only cover about $150 million of a proposed $800 million stadium.

ESPN goes in-depth on the feud between NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Danica Patrick calls it quits from racing.

Lifting the ban on elephant trophies could actually help elephants.

Twitter is de-verifying users.

Your song of the day is Cannonball Adderly with Autumn Leaves.