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Royals Review 2018 MLB Hall of Fame Ballot

Who would you vote for?

Barry Bonds

Every year, members of the Baseball Writers Association of America vote on who should get into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Every year, there is much hubbub, discussion, and heated opinions regarding who deserves to be in the Hall, who should be in the Hall, and sometimes most importantly, who doesn’t deserve to be in the Hall.

In order to get a Hall of Fame vote, you need to be an active participant in baseball media and have a history in baseball media stretching back at least a decade. Last year, Kansas City writers Jeffrey Flanagan and Sam Mellinger cast votes. You can view all voluntarily released ballots at Ryan Thibodaux’s indispensable Hall of Fame tracker here.

But how would Hall voting look like if done by amateurs and non-writers? That’s where this poll comes in. Below, you will find the exact same ballot the BBWAA members received. Like them, you may vote on up to 10 players, and like them you may select ‘none’ (which is an option at the bottom). Unlike them, your votes don’t count towards electing someone to the Hall. Sorry. But it’ll be fun!

What’s your Hall of Fame ballot? Cast your vote below and let’s see who will get in to the Royals Review Fake MLB Hall of Fame of Digital Excellency.