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Welcome new writer Sean Thornton

He has been bleeding Royals blue for some time.

Hackers Compete Their Skills At Seccon Cyber Security Contest Photo by Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images

There will be no rebuild at Royals Review, as we will continue to add talent and look to compete in 2018. This week, we have added our newest writer, Sean Thornton, who you may be familiar with from his blog, Bleeding Royal Blue, or his presence on Twitter @SeanThornton5.

I got bit by the baseball bug in 1984 and instantly became a Royals fan. George Brett was/is my favorite player of all-time and for the longest time I held that 1985 team on a steep pedestal. I remember the (close to) 20 years of losing, I remember Ken Harvey & the tarp, and I still have nightmares about Chris Getz being in the lineup. I still love Alex Gordon and I've learned to trust the process, even if I question it from time to time.

I have worked in radio for close to 20 years, so I guess that kind of (sort of) makes me a bit journalistic. I've been writing about baseball for quite a while, as I wrote a weekly baseball column for our radio station's website starting around 2007 and then wrote briefly at in early 2012. After that site folded that spring, I began my own blog, Over the last five years I've been writing about the Royals as an excuse to talk about my love of baseball. I firmly believe in analytics (yes, a stat nerd) but I try to make my writing a bit more fun and conversational.

A radio man? Maybe Sean can replace Steve Physioc someday (Physioc chuckle), just kidding young man, have another Tippins pie. Please join me in welcoming Sean to the site!