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Sporcle Friday: The biggest free agent deals in Royals history

Money, money, money, money....

US Dollar Drops To Two And Half Year Low After Latest N. Korean Missile Launch Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Free agency is upon us, but typically this has been a period where the Royals have lost more free agents than they have gained. The teams has largely been shut out of the free agent process through frugality or the excesses of the market.

However they have had times of lavish spending, particularly towards the end of Ewing Kauffman’s tenure as owner, and in recent years as the team pursued a championship. Some of the deals have worked out, but many have proved to be wastes of millions of dollars.

This list of full of players who reached free agency, so no contract extensions for Mike Sweeney or Danny Duffy here. But of the top 30 richest free agent contracts in Royals history, how many can you name?