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Royals Review Radio - Episode 29: The Offseason Begins

Best laid plans...


Now that the misery that was the 2017 Royals is officially over, Shaun and Max discuss the Royals offseason plans and more.

Co-host: Shaun Newkirk

Guest Emeritus: Max Rieper

Topics include:

Dayton Moore leaving for Atlanta?

Offseason plans

What went wrong in 2017

Royals free agents

Potential hitting and pitching coaches

World Series prediction (spoiler: Shaun and Max were both wrong)

Supplemental links:

Eric Hosmer’s potential suitors

Free agent prediction thread

Royals free agents

David Glass denies Dayton Moore and interview in Atlanta

What went wrong: offense

Best moments of 2017

What would YOU do this offseason for the Royals

Dayton Moore to Atlanta rumors