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Free agent Logan Morrison says it would be a “dream come true” to play for Royals

The Kansas City native would love to come home.

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Chicago White Sox Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Logan Morrison is coming off a career season in which he smacked 38 home runs for the Rays, and now that he embarks on free agency, he may have a better pick of where to land after a career that has seen him bounce around. Morrison was interviewed on MLB Network today about where he might end up, and he made no mistake where he would like to play next year.

Morrison attended Blue Valley West in suburban Kansas City before moving to Louisiana to complete his high school career, but still has family in the area. Morrison hit .246/.353/.516 with 81 walks in 149 games for the Rays last year.

The 30-year old left-handed hitter has always had good power and a patient approach at the plate, but has had trouble staying on the field. Last year was just the second time in his career he has played more than 125 games. He also strikes out quite a bit, whiffing 25% of the time last year. Has had adequate defense, by the metrics, and played some outfield earlier in his career.

Morrison is also known for being outspoken, criticizing the selection of Gary Sanchez to the Home Run Derby over himself, and getting into hot water on Twitter over homophobic remarks to a fan, criticizing breastfeeding in public, and joking about being Native American to get a tax break. He has since quit Twitter, last tweeting in 2015.

Morrison would likely come on a much cheaper deal than free agent Eric Hosmer, probably something around a 2-3 year deal at around $10-12 million per year. That could be quite reasonable for a team that misses out on Hosmer, although it is unclear the Royals would even have the resources to fit that into their budget if they cut back.