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Royals Review Christmas open thread

Roast some chestnuts by an open fire.

Whether you opened up presents this Christmas morning, you celebrated Hanukkah last week, or you simply watched the Star Wars Holiday Special, and celebrated Life Day, we hope you’re enjoying your holiday season with loved ones.

Here are some questions to chat about while sipping on hot cocoa and roasting chestnuts on an open fire:

  • Who on the Royals roster will be traded before Opening Day?
  • What is your way-too-early prediction on 2018 World Series champion?
  • Whatcha get for Christmas?
  • What’s your favorite winter holiday song?
  • What holiday song would you banish forever?
  • What’s your favorite winter holiday movie?
  • How did you find out the story of Santa was perhaps less than true?
  • Eggnog - yay or nay?

On this day of giving, considering donating to the Go Fund Me page of our Fan of the Year, Jeremy Scheuch, as he helps provide relief for Puerto Rico.

Your song of the day is C.J. Chenier and the Red Hot Louisiana Band with Zydeco Christmas.

Happy Holidays, from everyone at Royals Review!