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Royals Rumblings - News for December 28, 2017

MLB: Colorado Rockies at Kansas City Royals Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Things are pretty slow in both the baseball world and the rest of the world. That said, here’s some stuff for your eyeholes.

BP KC’s Colby Wilson searches for answers parsing over the nearly nonexistent Royals news of this offseason:

I don’t want to say that this is a no-win situation. It’s just that the opportunity for victory is murky. For the Royals to be successful in the near future involves not only a cornerstone player—Hosmer, Moustakas, whomever—not only electing to stay but also continuing to play at a high level, in addition to a host of unknowns stepping to the forefront and playing better than expected. You excited to hitch your wagon to Hunter Dozier and Bubba Starling?

Long-term success is an easier vision—since there’s a longer opportunity for success I suppose—but it’s not a guarantee. All the chances to add to what has become a stagnant minor league system gives Dayton Moore more chances at being able to build the next chapter in Royals success. But no rebuild guarantees success. Houston had to wander through the wilderness. The Braves may never escape. The Marlins… ahahahahaha, get outta here.

Duffy’s tweeting:

This is arguably about the Royals:

Sam Mellinger unveiled his Hall of Fame ballot.

The Hardball Times’ Bruce Markusen dives deep into a Thurman Munson in action card in his card corner, talking Munson and wife-swapping Fritz Peterson.

At Sports On Earth, Will Leitch counts down the ten best moments of the baseball season and the top breakout players of the season.

The Twins might be shopping Miguel Sanó.

The Chiefs are starting Patrick Mahomes on Sunday, having already clinched their playoff spot. If he leads them to victory, he’ll be the first quarterback drafted by the Chiefs to win a game since Todd Blackledge.

What happens to Christmas trees when they go to Christmas tree heaven?

Uproxx’s TV critics voted on the best shows of 2017. Their list is here.

The staff at the Verge compiles the worst in pop culture in 2017.

At the Guardian, David Agren looks into how drug violence got so bad in Mexico.

The song of the day is “Whole Lotta Highway” by Marty Stuart: