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Royals Rumblings - News for December 7, 2017

When do the burners heat up?

Netherlands v Japan - International Friendly
Future Royal Shohei Ohtani’s gumming up the works.
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Jeffrey Flanagan reports on the likely decisive course the Royals’ offseason will take over the coming days:

But if Hosmer signs elsewhere during the Winter Meetings, the Royals' approach could change dramatically. Moore has told he would consider trading virtually anyone on the 25-man roster for prospects who could improve the team's outlook going forward.

It might all depend on what happens with Hosmer.

If the Royals were able to sign Hosmer, they could go virtually all in again toward a playoff run in a division in which only the Indians and Twins are legitimate contenders. Or if Hosmer signs elsewhere, Kansas City could back up the truck do a full rebuild aimed at making another pennant run in 2020-21.

BP KC’s Clint Scoles looks at bargain bin options for the Royals:

2. Rusney Castillo – The Red Sox are still on the hook for 3 years and $37 million of Castillo’s contract. All for a player that they have given all of 99 games in three seasons. For a team with a full outfield already, it’s not likely that Castillo is going to break through in Boston given Bradley, Betts, and Benintendi ahead of him. Despite this, the Cuban born outfielder is coming off a strong season in which he hit .314/.350/.500 with 15 home runs in 87 games for the Triple-A Pawtucket squad.

The Royals aren’t likely to compete over the next three seasons, but they have a need in centerfield and not much depth at the upper levels with ready players at that position. Heading into the season Paulo Orlando, Bubba Starling and Donnie Dewees are the three best in-house candidates above Double-A. Those three players aren’t likely to block anyone whom the Royals deem necessary to give at-bats to anytime soon.

Is Castillo a star? No, but it’s obvious KC is thin at that position, the Red Sox could use some salary relief and the Royals don’t have many prospects that can move the needle in trades. With this move, GMDM shouldn’t take on a large part of the deal but a $3-5m total package for a bucket of balls could offer KC a playable player in center for three seasons could be worth the risk while offering nothing in terms of players that they would need to trade.

Former RR overlord Craig Brown catches the kids up on what the Royals have been up to thus far this offseason.

Jeff Sullivan breaks down just how little control the Marlins have in this Giancarlo Stanton trade negotiations with the Dodgers. He makes no mention of karma, though I’d posit its powers are at play.

Old friend of the blog Jeff Zimmerman looks at Rougned Odor’s case for a bounceback in 2018.

Kings of Kauffman’s Nicholas Sullivan writes of the Hope Award given to former Royal Carlos Beltran.

Christian Cólon signed a minor-league deal with the Braves.

Wil Myers is all right with moving back to the outfield should the Padres land Eric Hosmer.

The Twins traded away some of the money they had earmarked for making a run at Shohei Ohtani to Seattle and Anaheim.

Apparently Rafael Palmeiro is contemplating a comeback at age 53.

The VW exec responsible for the emissions scam was sentenced to seven years in the clink.

Maybe Jeffrey Tambor isn’t leaving Transparent after all?

Like old books? Check the oldest books out in these oddly specific libraries.

At Uproxx, Brian Grubb details how Mr. Robot has righted the ship and become great again in Season Three.

Humans made the situation worse in these fires ravaging California.

The song of the day is “Keep on Loving You” by REO Speedwagon: