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Sporcle Friday: AL no-hitters since Saberhagen’s

Don’t jinx it!

Kansas City Royals Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

On August 26, 1991, Bret Saberhagen mowed down the Chicago White Sox in a 7-0 win, allowing zero hits, the fourth no-hitter in franchise history. Since then, not a single Royals pitcher has kept the opponent from collecting a base hit over an entire game. Danny Duffy looked sharp keeping the Rays hitless through seven innings last August, but it has still been 26 seasons since a Royals pitcher tossed a no-no.

Since August 26, 1991, there have been 26 no-hitters thrown by American League pitchers. One even came against the Royals! Some were thrown by All-Stars and Cy Young winners. Others were thrown by footnotes in history.

Of the 26 AL no-hitters thrown since Saberhagen’s gem, how many can you name?